Introduction                                                    Last Update 2007.MAR.04 18:30 (GMT+8)
1.Yeh Bros Cup
  The 2007 Yeh Bros Cup includes the Open Teams, Swiss Teams and Open Pairs. Entries from 3 reigning World Championships winners, 5 China teams, 3 Taiwan teams, 5 top Zone Six teams, 3 Orininal patrons and the defending Champion are invitation basis.
The laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge ( revised 1997) will be used .The official language of the tournament is English.
3.Entry Fee
  Open Teams : US$200 (per team)
Swiss Teams: Free for non-qualifiers from the main event, US$200 for new comers.
Open Pairs : US$50 (per pair)
4.Tournament Format
A.Open Teams
  The Open Teams consists of three stages: a Swiss qualifying, a Knock-out stage, and a Final/Play off.
Qualifying Stage
A 12-round Swiss movement of 8-board matches : The top 15 teams will advanced to the Knock-out phase, joining pre-seeded #1 Yeh Bros team.
Knockout Stage
Four rounds of 24-board matches in two separate brackets. The top 8 teams will start in the upper bracket where the losers will drop to the lower bracket.
The next 8 teams will start in the lower bracket and get eliminated with a loss.
After 3-round there will be one undefeated team in the upper bracket . This team has a bye to the Final with a 6.5 IMP carryover.
In Match 3, the two losers from upper bracket will join the four winners from the lower bracket to play two 3-way matches. Two winners will advance.
In Match 4, the loser of match 3 in upper bracket and the two winners of match 3. in the lower bracket will play a 3-way match for a spot in the Final.
Final and Third-Place Playoff
Both are 32-board match played in two segments. All the 4 teams will receive cash prize.
B.Consolation Swiss Teams
  Date and Time : Saturday, March 3rd.  9:00 - 20:55
Formate : 8 rounds of 8-board match.  Cash prizes for the top two winners.
Non-qualifiers in the Open Teams may play the 8 rounds match.
The 4 losers from the 1st knock-out match may join from Swiss match #4 with a carry-over equals to the 3rd highest score at the time.
The 4 losers from the 2nd knowck-out match may join from Swiss match #7 with a carry-over equals to the 4th highest score at the time.
C.Open Pairs
  One session qualifying and one session Final/Consolation for 52 pairs only. The top 13 pairs from each direction in the qualifying will advance to the Final. Non-qualifiers can play in the Consolation.
Top three finishers in the Final and top two finishers in the Consolation will receive cash prizes.
D.Geely Automobile Open Pairs

During the 2007 Yeh Bros Cup to be held in Shenzhen, China from Mar. 1-4 2007, a side event called Geely Automobile Cup will be played in the evening of March 2nd, 2007.  It is an additional one session pairs event with cash prizes and sponsored separately by the Geely Automobile Holding Company. 

1. Tournament Format : One session Mitchell movement with MP scoring. Participants are divided into 4 sections of 10 tables each.  All pairs will play 9 rounds of 3 boards each for a total of 27 boards. 

2. Prizes :Total prize of US$10,000 will be allocated as follows (per pair):

       1st   US$2,000                  2nd   US$1,500

       3rd   US$1,000                  4th    US$  900

       5th   US$   800                  6th    US$  700

       7th   US$   600              8-12th   US$  500  

3. Entry fee and limitation :  Entry fee is US$30/pair.  The total field of 80 pairs will be allocated as follows:

        Participating teams in the main event: limited to one pair/team            28

        Reserved for local and China Hongkong, Macau and Ch.Taipei pairs       52

        --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        Total Entry                                                                                 80

4. Registration : Starts immediately.  Please contact Ms. Wu Zhonghua or Mr. Lin Yafu at the following e-mail addresses.

      Ms. Wu Zhonghua :

      Mr. Lin Yafu          :

The deadline for new comer to  register for Swiss Teams or Opens Pairs is  2007/JAN/31.
5-1.Computer dealt hands will be used throughout
5-2. Screens will be used in the main event
5-3. Each pairs are required to bring two convention cards to the table.
Brown Sticker Conventions are permitted ONLY in the Knockout and Final/Playoff.
BSC users are required to provide adequate defenses.
5-4.Time Limit
8-board One hour and 5 minitues
12-board One hour and 40 minitues
24-board Three hours and 20 minitues
32-board Four  hours and 20 minitues
6.Tie Breaking
6.1 Swiss Movement
  The higher IMP quotient, and if still tied, the Total Point quotient in all matches played by the tied teams. If the tie remains, the winner will be determined by a draw.
6.2 Knockout Phase
  The higher total point, and if still tied, the number of boards won (different of 10 points is considered a winning board, even no IMP is gained). Draw if the tie remains.
6.3 Final and Playoff
  Same as in the Knockout Phase. But instead of the draw a two-board sudden death match until a winner emerges
7.Alert Procedure
  Standard alert procedures with or without screen shall be used. In case when screens are used, questions and answers shall be written on the memo pad provided. Otherwise the director may not accept any complaints on misinformation later on.
Teams plays according to the schedules as posted. The team with higher team number are designated as the Home Team and the other team as the Visiting Team. The Home Team sits NS direction in the Open Room and EW in the Closed Room. The Visiting Team sits NS in the Closed Room and EW in the Open Room.
Late Start 0~5 minutes
1st offense : warning
2nd and subsequent offense: 1 VP ( Swiss ) or 3 IMPs ( Knock-out ) each
5+~10 minutes 2 VPs  ( Swiss ) or 6 IMPs ( Knock-out ) each
10+~15 minutes 3 VPs  ( Swiss ) or 10 IMPs ( Knock-out ) each
Over 15 minutes Forfeiture
Slow Play 0~5 minutes
1st offense : warning
2nd and subsequent offense: 1 VP ( Swiss ) or 3 IMPs ( Knock-out ) each
5+~10 minutes 2 VPs  ( Swiss ) or 6 IMPs ( Knock-out ) each
10+~15 minutes 3 VPs  ( Swiss ) or 10 IMPs ( Knock-out ) each
Over 15 minutes At the discretion of the CTD, including cancellation
  of unplayed boards and assigned scores ( Swiss ) for
  both teams
Mobile Phone
Phone ringing :
1st offense warning
2nd offense 1 VP ( Swiss ) or 3 IMPs ( Knock-out ) each
3rd offense 2 VPs  ( Swiss ) or 6 IMPs ( Knock-out ) each
4th offense At the discretion of the CTD
Answering the phone :
1st offense 5 VPs  ( Swiss ) or 15 IMPs ( Knock-out ) each
2nd offense Forfeiture of the match
Smoking ( in the non-smoking area )
US$50 or RMB400 for the offender and 2 VPs for the team.
10.Appeal Procedure
  An appeal of a ruling by a Tournament Director must be lodged by the Captain of a team within 30 minutes of the official completion time of a match in which the ruling was made.
A deposit of US$100 must be accompanied with the appeal, which may not be refunded if the appeal is deemed frivolous and without merit.
Prizes : All in cash, effective from 2007
Team Event Winner US$50,000/team
  2nd place US$10,000/team
  3rd place US$5,000/team
  4th place US$2,500/team
Swiss Team Winner US$5,000/team
  2nd place US$1,500/team
Pair Event Winner US$6,000/pair
  2nd place US$3,000/pair
  3rd place US$1,500/pair
Consolation Winner US$1,000/pair
  2nd place US$500/pair
Subsidy : Effective from 2007
  Reigning Bermuda Bowl / Team Olympiad
  Gold Medalist US$30,000/team
  Silver Medalist US$20,000/team
  Bronze Medalist US$10,000/team
  Reigng Zonal Championships
  Gold Medalist US$5,000/team
  2007 PABF Open Champion ( Australia / New Zealand included )
  Gold Medalist US$5,000/team
  2nd place US$4,000/team
  3rd place US$3,000/team
  4th place US$2,000/team
  5th place US$1,000/team
   ( Australia / New Zealand entries included in PABF )
Sponsorship : This championship is sponsored wholly by Mr. Yeh Chen of the Yeh Bros World Trade in Taiwan.
Inquiry : Interested players and teams are welcome to contact the following persons for further information.
Patrick Huang   e-mail
Chi-Hua Chen   e-mail

  Vugraph provided in cooperation with Bridge Base Inc

12.Registration Form
  Venue : Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhen (5 Guihua Road, Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen, China)

  Deluxe Single : RMB 880 or equivalent US$ based on exchange rate at time of payment

  Deluxe Twin   : RMB 960 or equivalent US$ based on exchange rate at time of payment

  Notice : Please sent the rigister form  by FAX or e-mail to Chi-Hua Chen

              Chi-Hua Chen   e-mail   FAXˇG886-7-3959292


Team Information
Team Name________________ Captain________________
Player 1________________ Player 2________________
Player 3________________ Player 4________________
Player 5________________ Player 6________________
Contact Name________________ Telephone______________
Fax________________ e-mail_____________________
Flight Information        
Arrive Date________________ Flight No._______________
Departure Date_____________ Flight No._______________
Hotel Booking
Room Single/Twin Check-in Check-out Name 1 Name 2
Please return this form by e-mail or fax before December 31, 2006